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BUSA and CCMA Website

The CCMA needed to reduce the burden on their call centers which were inundated with labor relation questions posed by small and medium sized business. This site was created as a self-help tool that would help business better manage their workforces and in so doing reduce call center queries. Work was done on the information architecture to make the vast resources available to the user easily found, navigated and digested on both desktop and mobile screens.

BUSA and CCMA Website

To counteract the negative perceptions that employers have of the CCMA and to create a sense that the CCMA was credible, serious, approachable and trustworthy mastheads showing strong, successful business leaders and positive aspirational messages were featured on key pages.


Visually rich, this site lets the user explore the benefits of recycling their waste oil. The green, organic feel illustrates the benefits of recycling waste oil and invites the user to imagine a greener future. Small, digestible pieces of information, infographics and iconography keep the user engaged, help them understand the key arguments and encourage action. See the live site at

Heritage Craft Paint

Heritage Craft Paint is a 112 year old business that produces paint and other craft supplies - traditionally into the retail space. Heritage needed to enter the online world and develop new markets for their products. To this end workshops were designed in which key stakeholders brainstormed the new markets, how they were to be approached, and potential hurdles the business might face in the online world.

Following the workshop the business decided to create a website that sold the experience of crafting by creating
craft project kits. By grouping products together in kits, the complexity product choice was greatly simplified for the inexperienced crafter. Focusing the user on the outcome of a project (by using lots of visuals), reducing choice (by grouping products in kits) and keeping the website journeys as short as possible, inexperienced crafters could quickly visualise, get excited about and buy craft project kits. The result - greater simplicity led to larger individual sales, shorter customer buy journeys and better product / delivery cost ratios.


The PureCup website was designed to showcase the companies range of coffee and tea capsules. The quality offering is shown in a highly visual way which keeps the user's attention on the site and ensures the user engages with the offering. This is done by using pack shots, icons, a range of views of the product and a fresh, clean inviting colour palette.
The sites clean, high class style and use of white space echo the brands contemporary aesthetic and allude to
the freshness of the product on offer.

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