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Flexilube Industrial Lubricants

Flexilube required new packaging for their range of lubricants. In order to keep production costs as low as possible, while offering eye catching packaging, a single general design was developed. This design talked to the quality and technical nature of the lubricants. Specific information on individual products is printed in-house and affixed to the
pail using a black and white label.

PureCup Tea

This high quality packaging for tea capsules made use of matt laminates and spot varnishes to give the product
an exclusive feel. White space and fresh vibrant colours echo the brands contemporary aesthetic and allude to the freshness of the product on offer. The viewer is enticed into buying the product using a mixture of collage based illustration and close up photos of the product.

Mushroom Factory

Mushroom factories are kits that allow the user to grow their own mushrooms at home. A highly functional,
low cost design was required which could protect the contents of the kit while in transit, act as a growing container
for the mushrooms, and allow the user to easily carry them. Illustration gives the product a craft feel while the raw cardboard box communicates a sense of a wholesome fresh food market. Cost was a major consideration in the design, to keep these low the sleeve is printed in two colours and attached to an unprinted box acting as both a seal for the box and instruction manual.

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