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Logos and Icons

The Great Hall

The Great Hall is a wedding venue characterised by strong classical architecture dominated by pillars.
The logo is designed as a monogram which combines the pillar and Mobius loop as metaphor of marriage. In this way two separate elements are brought together or combined in an eternal bond. The letters "G" and "H" have been worked into the design to represent the words “Great Hall". A monogram is used as its old world feel gives the logo a the sense of longevity and tradition. Its stylised lines echo the stone carving found in the building while the yellow center implies that the viewer looking through a window into a warm hall where people are celebrating.

Peopletree Logo Family

Peopletree needed to create visual cohesion across all their products while giving the viewer a sense that each product was different. The structure of the logos, typeface and stylisation of the symbol element creates coherence across the logo family. Colour and symbols are used to differentiate each product and help the viewer remember what each product does.


Veloton is a supplier of high-end road bicycles and bicycle parts. The blue image element that morphs to form
the second "O" of the word "Veloton" shows a stylised cyclist moving at speed. The contemporary typeface and slight surface reflection allude to the brands slick, high-tech products while remaining tactile and inviting. The careful integration of image and type create a simple, cohesive and recognizable image which can be easily applied
to any media.

Vodacom Style Guide and Icon Sets

Vodacom has lots of suppliers that create visual assets for the company so maintaining a consistent visual identity across a brand can be challenging. To ensure that any icons created are consistent with the existing Vodacom icon sets and corporate identity this style guide was created.

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