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Communicate complex information effortlessly

MED Attorneys infographic

MED Attorneys Filing a law suit

By explaining the complex process of filing a lawsuit in a simple visual way MED Attorneys is able to decrease the time they spend with each client while increasing their client's understanding and recall of the claim process. Their clients feel happier because they understand the road ahead and are more responsive to requests for information throughout it. This further differentiates MED Attorneys from their opposition and reinforces their customer centric ethos.

Vodacom UX Department The UX Process

When the UX department at Vodacom needed to educate their internal clients about the UX process I created an infographic split into 7 posters which were hung in the departments that drew on the UX team's expertise. The posters were used to highlight what the UX Departments’ clients could expect from the design team as well as some the complexity surrounding the UX design process.

Peopletree How to justify your L&D budget

Peopletree needed help showing how their clients could overcome a difficult to explain problem using
their software. A workshop was developed and run, and from it the structure of the above infographic was wireframed. Inviting colours, approachable illustrations and simple diagrams make the clients solution easily explained, understood and remembered.

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